on line travel agency

on line travel agency

as unfortunately my plan has changed because i wanted to do dissertation on booking.com analysing the italian case study and how they are expanded in the country, the company denied me the permission for sharing data or survey.
for this reason i need to be helped on choosing a good title as i want to write about the field in general of the on line travel agency and how they are creating new economical opportunities for growing.
the two possible title are:
The Challenges Of On Line Travel Agencies: Internet Impacts On hotels reservations In Italy

The Challenges Of On Line Travel Agencies: Internet creates new growing opportunity

Now i need to be helped with a good tittle as than i’ll probably ask for the literature review.
the requirements are for now:
Need to be on the field of the online travel agency, the dissertation need to demonstrate the impact of this new field in terms of hotel reservation, number of customers and number of growing affiliates whice are now using agency as booking.com or expedia to sell their services.

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