The Community Site is Oak Park River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois

Part One (50 points): Please fully answer the following three reflection questions based on your experience with your community health clinical site. Integrate your experience with course content and readings, and use APA format (no title page is necessary). Grades will be based on the following:
• Address each component of the questions (40 points)
• Cite at least 2 evidence based references (5 points)
• Graduate level writing (APA format and style, integration of course content, professional and engaging writing) (5 points)

1. What policy issues (local, state, federal) most greatly affect your community site?
a. How does it affect the site itself?
b. How does it affect the clients at the site?
c. What type of changes in policy do you think are necessary? Do you think these changes can happen and, if so, how? If not, why?
2. What do you believe is the greatest health education need in your population at your community site?
a. Why is this unique or not unique to your community?
b. What would be necessary to improve or create health education to address this need in the community?
c. What could you do to address this need?
3. What have you learned about your community partner site and health disparities?
a. What prevention services that, if available, would improve the health of the population served by your community organization?
b. Would the clients be likely or unlikely to take advantage of these services? (why or why not?)
c. What influences someone to take advantage of health services or not take advantage of health services?

Part Two (50 points):

In March 2014, the Chicago Department of Public Health released its Healthy Chicago Annual Report for 2013.–highlights-top-public-health-accomp.html

Read pages 1-9 of the 2013 Annual Report on Healthy Chicago and select 3 of the 12 priority areas to read and review. Summarize the strategies implemented in the City of Chicago to address each of the 3 health priorities you have selected and analyze the results. In addition to strategies cited in the Annual Report, include the strategies implemented at your clinical site that address the 3 health priorities of focus and comment on the effectiveness of the specific programs from your experience at clinical.

Write approximately 3 pages to complete this assignment. Grades will be based on the following:
• Thorough summary of the strategies implemented by the City of Chicago for each of the 3 health priorities of focus (20 points)
• Discussion of the strategies implemented at your clinical site that address each health priority of focus, including effectiveness (20 points)
• Graduate level writing (APA format, professional and engaging writing) (10 points)

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