Moral issues in business 11th edition

Moral issues in business 11th edition
By William shaw and Vincent barry  (book)

Step 1: Select a topic.
Choose John Stuart Mill, moral theorist  and cover one of his main ideas.
(moral issues)

Step 2: Perform your research.
•    The content of your textbook can be one of your sources.
•    your paper should also include at least four independent and reliable sources
•    (many of which you might access from your textbook’s
chapter notes).
•    You should feel free to consult sources on the Internet. However, make sure your notes from a Web site include the source of the site. This is done to establish that the site is authoritative and not merely idle opinion.

108 Research Project
Step 3:.  Your essay should include a separate title page and between three and four pages on the topic.
•    The essay should include a brief introduction,
several paragraphs that cover the required information,
and a conclusion.
•    The last page after the main body of the
essay, should provide a list of your reference sources.
Writing Guidelines
1. Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print
font, size 12. Use a standard document format with one inch
margins. (Do not use any fancy or cursive fonts.)
2. Include the following information at the top of your paper:
a. Name and complete mailing address
3. Limit your submission to the issues covered
by your chosen topic.
4. Include a reference page in either APA or MLA style. On this page, list Web sites, books, journals, and all other
references used in preparing the submission.

Grading Criteria
Your project will be evaluated according to these criteria:
Content 80 percent
Written communication 10 percent
Format 10 percent
Here’s a brief explanation of each of these points.
The student should
Provide a clear discussion of the chosen topic
Address the topic in complete sentences
Support his or her opinion by citing specific information
from the textbook, websites, and any other references
and by using correct APA or MLA guidelines for citations
and references Stay focused on the chosen topic
Write in his or her own words and use quotation marks
to indicate direct quotations

Written Communication
The student should
•    Discuss the topic in complete paragraphs that include
an introductory sentence, at least four sentences of
explanation, and a concluding sentence Use correct
grammar,    spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure
Provide clear organization (for example, uses words like
first, however, on the other hand, and so on, consequently,
since, next, and when)
Make sure the paper contains no typographical errors

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