Mental Health

Mental Health

Develop an individual analytical literature review that examines a contemporary issue in nursing and health care.The mental health of young people and psychiatric nursing
Sophie is a nurse working in the emergency department (ED) of a 400 bed metropolitan hospital. She is newly graduated and likes the busy feel and teamwork of emergency departments. Six months ago, she began a post-graduate certificate in the field of emergency nursing but worries at times about her ability to assess clients. This is particularly the case when patients with mental health problems present.

On her first ‘solo’ triage shift, a very agitated 17 year old man named Ricky is brought in by his parents. Sophie is able to ascertain that he has been smoking marijuana constantly over the previous months and has been very irritable at home. His parents have observed him apparently talking to himself on occasions during the past week and say they are very worried about him. His academic performance at school has also declined noticeably and his parents describe him as much more ‘withdrawn’ than a year ago.
Sophie is aware that the ED is very busy and that she needs assistance in managing Ricky and supporting his family. She is also feeling physically threatened by him. She decides to contact Mark, the Mental Health Nurse attached to the Crisis Assessment Team (CAT) who is on call from the Acute Psychiatric area of the hospital, so that together they can put into place a management plan for Ricky and his family.

Action required:
Sophie, in conjunction with Mark the mental health liaison nurse, are required to design a course of action to deal with a client who exhibits psychosis symptoms within the emergency department. Sophie and Mark are required to identify and involve key stakeholders in the design of their emergency procedures and protocols for a client who presents with mental health symptoms that require immediate diagnosis and appropriate case management in line with hospital policies and procedures.

The mental health of young Australians
Potential issues/theories to be researched include:
• major current mental health issues in the Australian population aged 12 – 24 years
• management of psychosis in emergency departments
• models of crisis management within the emergency department
• roles for nurses in prevention and management.
Presentation Guide for Assignment One
• Your report should have double spacing and 12 point font size.
• Your margins should be set at 2 cm for left and right margins.
Format for writing an analytical literature review
1. Paragraph 1
Ensure that you document in your introduction:
• what topic/theme you intend to research in the body of your analytical literature review
• the current issues and theories that you will examine in the body of your literature review
• the key themes and concerns that will be analysed in the body of your literature review. (This requires only one sentence to highlight what you intend to investigate)
• The current gaps in the literature on the chosen topic.

Body of analytical literature review
The paragraphs should follow this format:
• a lead-in sentence relating back to the chosen scenario
• analysis supported by expert opinion
• use of one or two analytical examples to highlight one point per paragraph
• concluding sentence used to comment on how relevant the current theory/model is in today’s contemporary nursing and health care.
Note, one theory or contemporary theory/model equates to one paragraph.

2. Paragraph 2
Briefly document the key themes that you have identified
This is an opportunity for you to state the key issues that are pertinent to your scenario.
You are required to identify and document the key concerns and current issues that need to be resolved within a given time frame; e.g. in the next six to twelve month period.

3. Paragraph 3
You are required to undertake a literature review that identifies at least three different issues/theories that you will use to analyse your topic choice. (Each issue/theory should equate to a different paragraph; e.g. the lifestyle versus the genetic theory on obesity).

4. Paragraph 4
You are required to document in your literature review an alternative model or theory to the one presented in paragraph 3. You need to analyse which of the two models you have researched is more appropriate to the issue that you have documented in paragraph 2 and state why or why not.

5. Paragraph 5
You are required to highlight where you still believe there are gaps within the literature. You are also required to suggest alternative strategies that may be useful in having a positive impact on your research topic. (This section will enable you to make recommendations that could be implemented in your Assignment Two without the need for citing expert opinion).
You are required to summarise the major points in the body of your Analytical Literature Review. A good conclusion should answer your introduction and needs to be specific and measurable and not made up of global, unsubstantiated, ‘feel good’ statements. Restate the key area under investigation and which theories are pertinent to your research. Explain why you would use one theory rather than another in connection with your scenario. A good conclusion should take one half to two-thirds of a page.
Reference list
You are required to document a minimum of 15 contemporary sources (<5yrs old) from peer reviewed refereed journals within your reference list. Your reference list should be in alphabetical order of authors’ surnames. Do not include websites or website articles that are anonymous or non-refereed.

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