Men and Women Talking on the Job

Men and Women Talking on the Job

Project description

In the first sentence of your short write, give ONE specific example of how men and women communicate differently in the workplace according to Deborah Tannen’s essay “Men and Women Talking on the Job.” To support your example, answer the following questions after you have given your detailed example:

1) why do men communicate in this manner? why do women communicate in this manner? What are both attempting to achieve?

2) what is the result of this particular difference in communication? In other words, how does it prevent or encourage understanding?

You must include and underline:

effective (adj.) or effectively (adv.)
to negotiate (v.)
to come to an agreement about/on/regarding
to exchange (v.)
***Be careful with using men/man and women/woman. These singular/plural nouns are very similar to one another and are often mistaken. Edit carefully.

For homework short writes:

Students will write a typed, double-spaced response to the topic. The response should be approximately one page in length, respond to the topic as thoroughly as possible, and be well-edited for grammar.

How to do a short write:

Begin by responding to the prompt with a “thesis” in the first couple of sentences. In other words, first answer the question being asked. Then, explain your ideas using specific examples for support. “Prove” your thesis. Focus on expressing your ideas clearly and thoroughly, using evidence to support what you write. Lastly, edit carefully for grammar errors, focusing especially on grammar points that have been studied in class. The editing stage is VERY important, so be sure to leave enough time to do this.



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