Managing & Performing

Textbook: Management : Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World 10th Edition by Thomas Bateman (Author), Scott Snell (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0078029332 Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Irwin, ©2013.
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Please write reflection paper on CH.1 Managing & Performing on the above book, based on the following format:
Section One: Personal reflection
Each paper should be reflect of the substance of the material. The student should write enough to indicate a deep understanding of the lecture points.
Section Two: Article Comparison
In addition to the lecture notes reflection, the student is required to find a current article from a source such as a business journal that in some way highlights, emphasizes, or contrasts the points made in the lecture. The article comparison is secondary research and must be presented using text citations with a reference section as the last page. APA style is required for all citations and references.
Section Three: Application today
This section is devoted to what you learned from the lecture and your supporting article and how it applies in today’s business environment.

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