Managing Business Information

Managing Business Information

Summative Coursework Assignment

Marks awarded
This assignment is worth 30% of your final mark towards the module.
What you need to submit
You should submit the following:
•    1 x Word document, containing the report aspects of the coursework (part 1 and part 3)
•    Any Excel and/or Access files you create as part of the coursework (part 2)
How to submit your work
Look in the MBI area on Studyspace in  Summer 2015 > Coursework.
You should submit your report using the link underneath Summative MBI coursework – Fly Guys Case Study – Report, View/Complete.
You will be presented with the following screen:

Click the blue Submit button and then follow the instructions to submit your report.
Once your report has been submitted, you can submit your Excel and/or Access files using the link Summative MBI coursework – Fly Guys Case Study – Excel/Access Files. For each file you want to submit, click Attach File / Browse My Computer.
When you have finished attaching your files, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the blue Submit button.

Paper Copy
Please submit a paper copy of your final report to the student office. Your Excel and Access files can be printed and placed as appendices to your report.

Deadline for submission
Your work must be submitted by 1pm on Friday 29th May via the submission link on Studyspace.

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