Management of International Logistics and Operations

Management of International Logistics and Operations

Management of International Logistics and Operations and is a vital component when measuring both internal and external success of a business (Bowzarth and Handfield, 2008; Christopher, 2011). Subsequently, both achieving and sustaining customer and company requirements can be considered essential components for both success and survival in the competitive global market of the twenty first century (Kirchmer, 2009). Subsequently, organisations can use a variety of operations tools, techniques, methods and processes in order to ensure they achieve and sustain meeting both customer and company requirements.

You are required to focus on a specific field (i.e. Supply Chain, Lean Thinking, New Product Development etc.) and apply this field to a business or case study. You should clearly demonstrate how and where this application could assist the Management of Operations and Logistics Management. Your business or case study may be either a service or manufacturing, and you must clearly demonstrate the benefits of application and implementation from an international perspective.

It is imperative within your discussion that you clearly address the following points:

• Conduct and critique a systems analysis of operational activities within your chosen field and case scope

• Apply and critically evaluate analytical tools, techniques, methods and processes to describe operational processes.

• Critically evaluate the positive and negative attributes associated with the field in relation to the chosen case.

• Explore and analyse the gap between evaluation and implementation of operational and business process improvement.

• Analyse multidimensional operational issues and apply techniques that could assist in either resolving or significantly reducing problematic operational issues within your chosen field and case scope.

• Draw key conclusions from your assignment, that discuss the extent your business or case study has achieved alignment between both its performance objectives, and the configuration of its logistical and operational processes in addressing your assignment aim.

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