M1 Project Assignment – Options: Collage or Abstraction

You have a choice of projects to create and submit for this module. You may select 1) Collage Project, OR 2) Abstraction Project. Each

option is described below. Projects will be evaluated for your ability to show your understanding of the process and concepts, not for

their artistic merit. Each project assignment has two parts:

Project (submit images)
Written reflection on the experience of the project

Written reflection: As an integral part of this assignment, I am also asking for an informal paragraph or two describing your thoughts

and experiences creating this project. What did you intend, and how did the project actually develop? What did you learn? This

reflective paragraph is required, and its content will be evaluated for your ability to consider the artistic experience thoughtfully.

DUE DATE for this assignment is listed in the Course Schedule.

CHOICE 1: Collage Project
The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how the interpretation of an image can be greatly influenced by other images surrounding



Create two collages, using the same central image, or icon, for both.
In the first, surround the icon (or central image) with associated positive images.
In the second, add negative images, as shown in the example below, where the central image is snow.

collage of pretty snow scenes Collage of negative images related to snow such as acidents, ice, cars off the road, etc.

You might decide to select a more controversial image, such as the American flag or a group of immigrants or food. You can make your

collage using cut out images from magazines, images you get from the internet, images you draw, photographs or even real objects.

CHOICE 2 – Abstraction Project
The goal of this exercise is to change a representational image to an abstract image in several steps. In a representation, things from

the real world are “represented” in a different form, but some represented things seem more naturally real than others. Art that

resembles things “realistically” is representational. If we take representational art or subject matter and reduce it or distort it to

heighten its expressive impact, it becomes abstract.

Begin with any representational image of your choice: a photograph, drawing, or image of a work of art. (In the example below, the

artist started with a photograph of his son’s fire truck). Duplicate your image, and then gradually modify it in shape, color,

position, simplification –or all of these things– to turn it into an abstract image. Keep copies of all the steps you go through so we

can see how you arrived at the final image.

When you reach an image that pleases you, post all the steps you’ve gone through and write about your experience. Don’t forget to

include your original image.

photo of child’s toy fire truck colorful graphic of shapes
colorful graphic of shapes colorful graphic of shapes

How to Submit Your Assignment

Please submit your written reflection and the photograph(s) of your project, as attachments. If you chose the Abstraction Project, you

must post all steps of the process, including a copy of your original image.

Take a photo(s) of your project and upload


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