Logic and programming

Group Project
As a student at QU and having taken few courses related to MIS, you have been asked by your college to form a team in order to
develop a new system that would enhance students’ learning experience in the college and increase pedagogical interaction
between all lecturers and all students. You have been told that this innovative tool should be considered as an “academic social
media network” where every person in the college, lecturer or student, can share skills and demonstrate knowledge to all other
members of the network as an effective way to exchange knowledge.
In summary, users, which are mainly lecturers and students of t he CBE, should be able to login to the new system using their
own QU credentials. Once logged in, users can choose between several options. The first option is the ability to manage the
user’s profile. Through this option, users can enter to thei r profile page and edit their profile information like the name, pr ofile
photo, short description, contact information ,etc…. Another, opti on is where the user can specif y the skills or knowledge s/he  is
willing to offer to other users. This is done by specifying a list of offered skill topics. Each skill topic consists of a titl e (e.g.
Systems analysis), a short description (e.g. 100 words to briefly explain what can the user offer under this skill topic), and a list of
tags. A tag is a keyword or term used in order to classify t he skill topic in an existing category to make the topic easier to  find
(e.g. Use Case, UML, Statistics). In the screen of skill topics, the user should be able to add, view, edit, and delete skill t opics. In
the third option, users should be able to define the topics in wh ich they need help with. Similar to skill topics, a help topic should
consist of a title, a short description (e.g. the question with which the user needs help from other users) and a list of tags  to
classify the help topic. Also like with the skill topic, the users should be able to add, view, edit and delete help topics.
When a user adds a new help topic, all users offering skill topics matching the tags of the help topic will be notified about t he new
help topic so they can participate in the help. When a user w ants to help, s/he can post the answer in a discussion thread (sim ilar
to online forums). Many helpers can post many helps. The user  who created the help can then decide which post was the most
useful one and assign a “Best Answer”.
Finally, users should be able to see a page of statistics inform ation about their activities on the system. The number of current
skill topics, help topics, gained best answers, given best answers.
Based on the above system request and in order to implement this  project, you and your team are required to do the following.
Don’t forget to use suitable CASE tools where appropriate.
1.   Define a plan to properly manage the project. This should include a comprehensive feasibility study, a WBS and PERT
chart(s) which will serve you to best manage and monitor the  execution of the project. This should also include your
decision about the development methodology and your justification for choosing it as well as discussing potential risks
and how you intend to mitigate them.
2.   According to the development methodology you selected in the planning phase, conduct a comprehensive object-oriented analysis of the system. This should include identifying and documenting use cases, domain models, system
components and sequence diagrams.
3.   Perform a detailed design of the system. The design should  include four major parts: system’s architecture, detailed
design of the system’s components, user interfaces, and database design.
4.   Finally, describe how you are going to test the implemented system. Testing should cover the functional as well as the
non-functional requirements of the system.

In order to complete some of the requirements above, you w ill inevitably need to get some data from multiple sources
and stakeholders. Make sure you regularly meet with your in structor, who will act as the product owner and will clarify
issues you may come across during your work. Obtaining data  from real potential future users (e.g. interviews,
questionnaires, etc…) is definitely a plus!
Please note:  To avoid being overly influenced by appearance, you will need  to take several days (or even weeks) to complete
this assignment responsibly. You might want to do proper resear ch and take a look at one or more of the many resources
available on the Internet.
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Marks Scale:
Presentation:       10
Report:              20
Total Marks:        30
The Marking Criteria for Presentation:  (10 Marks of total course grades)
Presentations will be in June after the submission of the report. Each group will have 20 minutes to present their research
followed by 5~10 minutes to field questions.  At this presentat ion the group can hand in copies of the presentation. Every grou p
member needs to present to get marks allocated for presentation part.
The Marking Criteria for the presentations is as follows:
General Appearance      10%
Introduction                            10%
Smoothness of link         5%
Use of Visual Aids                                   10%
Use of statistical support for argument                         5%
Breadth of cover of Evaluation Criteria Adopted                     50%
The holistic effectiveness of the team effort                     10%
Total                                           100% = 10 Marks of total Course

The Marking Criteria for Reports:  (20 Marks of total course grades)
Your report should do justice to your findings based on  the mobile applications evaluation criteria.  It should  not be less than
5,000 words AND not exceed 20,000 words , including diagrammatic representation wherever appropriate, and with
appendices which are relevant, not merely weighty. Note that the length of the document will not affect the deserved mark.
Evaluation will be solely made based on the quality of report contents.

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