International Marketing Communications Plan – B.Fresh

International Marketing Communications Plan – B.Fresh


You are required to:

• Revise the Context Analysis for your chosen brand, based on the verbal and written feedback provided for Assignment 1.

• Based on that context analysis, write a Marketing Communications Plan for your brand. This plan should contain the following sections:

• Main issues identified in the Context Analysis
• Marketing Communications Objectives
• Marketing Communications Strategy
• Tactics

Note: Please note how the marks are allocated on the marking scheme at the end of this document.

Main issues from Context Analysis 20%
Concise and very informative discussion of the context
Objectives and strategy 20%
Concise and thoughtful discussion, supported by excellent use of theoretical concepts.
Tactic 50%
A comprehensive range of promotional activities identified.
Critical analysis of the promotional activities identified.
Excellent use of theoretical concepts to support the analysis.
Presentation 10%
Excellent report structure, grammar and spelling and referencing where used

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