Internaional, Real estate, or wages information

This project will address a problem you define from one of three databases provided: wages, real estate or international database. These will be provided for you below. Review all three of the databases and choose one that you would like to use. Determine a possible problem this data might be used for, develop a problem statement, support with secondary research (library article), develop your research question, hypothesis, and determine the test you should use to answer the research question. Define the variable used in the study. Complete the five steps of hypothesis testing, and analyze the outcome. Use graphs, charts, and outputs to show the work. Draw a conclusion based on your finding as if you were using this information in a decision process for the business world. Your final project should include a title page, abstract, and reference page which will not count toward the required 4-5 pages of text. A document will be provided for you that describes the format of the paper in further detail.

The completion of your project will take place in the following steps:

Week 3: Project Topic Proposal – Submit a 1-2 paragraph proposal describing which database you plan to use for your project, and two or three possible problems you could use this data for. You will only need one problem statement for your final paper, however, it may be to your advantage to consider more than one possibility that could utilize the data you have chosen. You will receive feedback on your proposal before continuing with the other steps involved in this project. After stating which database you would like to use and some possible problems, write a few sentences describing why you would like to explore these problems and/or how they relate to your current or potential future work situation. (10 points)

Week 5: Partial Project Draft – Submit a rough draft of the following portions of your final paper: problem statement, research question, and hypothesis. Review the Final Project Format document provided in the Weekly Materials section of the course for detailed descriptions of each of these portions of the paper. Also, in your draft provide a 2-3 paragraph summary of the source(s) you have found to use in your paper. You need at least one external source besides your textbook. You may also use your textbook as a source in addition to this external source. (40 points)

Week 8: Final Project – Submit your final project. Before submitting your project, make any revisions based on feedback you received for your partial draft. Be sure to follow all instructions provided for this project and complete all required sections of the project. (150 points)


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