instantaneous communication


We live in an age where instantaneous communication is possible with any point on the globe and even with spacecraft in orbit. There is worldwide exchange not just of goods, but also of aspects of culture. Forms of entertainment are key aspects of every culture. The United States is not just a prime creator of entertainment, but also one of the planet’s biggest consumers. From music, to movies, to TV, to games and other activities, the United States is a rich milieu of entertainment reflecting the cultures of immigrants and the experiences of travelers.
All of us likely have some form of entertainment that originated outside of the United States and Canada during the time period of this class (or close to it). In the past few years I have become a fan of fado, a Portuguese style of music which began evolving in the 19th Century and became a national phenomenon in the 20th Century. As a kid I became of fan of monster movies, especially the Japanese monster franchises from Toho Studios of the 1950s to the early 1970s.
In two or three paragraphs, tell us about what forms of entertainment from outside the US & Canada that evolved during the period of this class are key parts of your life. This class covers 1900 to present. I’m not looking for formality or a particular style, just an exchange of information that can illustrate the exchanges of culture that have shaped the world. I also believe we will see some interesting posts that may tempt us to try new things as well. Posting is required from each student and worth 10 points. Respond in this thread. You may edit your posts.

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