How to win friends and influence people Book Critique

How to win friends and influence people Book Critique
A strong book analysis and critique will generally contain three major components:
1) a brief summary of the book,
2) identification of main arguments and key points, and
3) an evaluation of the lessons from the book for managers and modern management.
Generally, the summary occurs near the beginning (this provides the reader of your critique a general
synopsis of what the book is about, since you should assume that he or she has not read it).
***This should be no more than a page***
Thereafter, you want to identify the main arguments of the book and the essential take-aways. So,
what are the "big ideas" in the book and how does the author convince you of his position? Were
there times when you were not convinced? Answering these (and similar) questions will require you
to go into more depth than the overall summary of the book.
***This should be approximately 2-3 pages***
In the final portion of a book critique, you want to connect the book to today’s management world.
Although the final portion of the critique is based on your own evaluation of the book and its merits
to today’s managers, you want to strive to keep your opinions professional and well-thought out.
Assume that your critique will be headed to the CEO of your company (rather than posted to an
office blog). Your level of writing should therefore be professional, straightforward, objective, wellorganized,
and precise so that you can make the best impression possible.
***This should be approximately 2-3 pages***
Lastly, remember that the overall critique should be roughly 5-7 pages, so it is not possible for you
to cover everything from the book. You should strive to provide the key information and then focus
on constructing your own analysis and evaluation.

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