Hewlett-Punning Case: Questionnaire Design Sampling and Sample Size

Text book used Basic Marketing Research by Naresh K. Malhotra

1. Critically evaluate the HP questionnaire using the principles of Questionnaire Design Sampling .

2. Evaluate the questionnaire you have developed .

3. HP wants to conduct a telephone survey to determine how it can attract more families to HP PCs and notebooks. Design the sampling process.

Applied Problems

1. The management of a local restaurant wants to determine the average monthly amount spent by households in fancy restaurants. management wants to be 95% confident of the findings and does not want the error to exceed plus or minus$5.

a. After the survey was conducted, the average expenditure was found to be$90.30 and the standard deviation was $45. construct a 95% confidence interval.

b. What sample size would have resulted in a SD of $45?

2. To determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign for a new digital video recorder, management would like to know what % of the households is aware of the new brand. the advertising agency thinks that this figure is as high as 70%. The management would like a 95% confidence interval and a margin of error no greater than plus or minus 2 %.

a. What sample size should be used for this study?

b. Suppose that management wanted to by 99% confident, but could tolerate an error of plus or minus 3%. Howerror of the mean

3. Assuming that n=100 and Q=5 , compute the SD

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