Global Food Crisis: Market Speculation and Price Volatility

Global Food Crisis: Market Speculation and Price Volatility

This is Part 2 of a previous proposal written by writer 337532. I have the professors comments attached for review of the proposal.

Now for the final part:

• All students are required to complete an academic research paper on Global Food Crisis – Market speculation and price volatility.
The purpose of the research paper is to gain a greater understanding of an area of interest, then critically examine the issues related to it, using the opinions you have formulated through your research process.
The paper must be 8-10 pages in length, 12pt font, double spaced. All sources must be cited using APA (or another approved) format. Students are required to cite a minimum of 8 peer reviewed articles, journals and/or books in their essay. Internet sources may be used but cannot make up the bulk of our references.
When researching and writing your paper, you may want to consider some of the following questions:
• What are the key issues surrounding your topic?
• What are the arguments for and against your issue?
• Who is affected? Who benefits and who does not?
• What information is missing from the debate?
• Based on your research, what is your opinion on the matter?
• What can be done to address the problem you have presented in your paper?

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