Gender identity

Gender identity

After deciding on a topic (that I have approved), please write an argument driven, analytical research paper in which you explore and familiarize yourself with the works of ?experts? to build upon what you already know about anything that has inspired you from the world of folklore and fairy tales. In other words, your paper can be about folklore and fairy tales, or it can be about something else entirely! Your paper should include a foundation/introduction on the topic, relevant research and analysis of what you discover, as well as discussion on how it compares to your own perceptions and thoughts on the topic. Your research should be motivated by a question you need answered, an interest you need explored, or mystery you are seeking to define. If you are indeed researching a more polarizing topic, you must research all sides, and present your well-informed investigation.

Here are some examples of possible research topics related to fairy tales:
Gender identity

Research Proposal
Annotated Bibliography
Final draft (maximum five pages)
Works Cited
All materials collected and organized with a cover sheet (that I will provide)

The research paper is the culmination of your work in English 1A. The final draft will serve as your final in the class. The successful completion of the research paper and portfolio (research paper + in-class essay on 11/8) is what makes English 1A a transferable class to the UC/State University system. The process by which you address your topic, organize your thoughts, and write/edit your paper should reflect your evolution as a writer throughout the semester. Below you will find detailed instructions for each step of the research and writing process.

Research Proposal
Write a 250-300 word proposal wherein you identify the specific topic you will be researching and why you chose that topic. The proposal should also include how you intend to begin your research, as well as a rough projection of what you plan on arguing (in other words, the thesis of your paper). proposal should be around 250 words and discuss what the topic you’re writing about, why you chose to write about it, and how you will begin your research. You MUST DISCUSS what kinds of texts you think will be most appropriate to use as research; for example, essays, books, journals, newspaper articles etc

Annotated Bibliography ?
You will need FIVE peer-reviewed and academically acceptable (easily found through the BCC and Berkeley Public Library databases) sources in your annotated bibliography to receive full credit for the assignment. These sources should reflect the breadth and depth of your research. Each source needs to be cited with bibliographic information and should be in MLA format. You will need to write one cohesive paragraph for each source, wherein you will summarize and evaluate the source for its usefulness in your paper (I will distribute a more specific handout pertaining to the annotated bibliography). The Annotated Bibliography will be due at the same time as the Research Paper. The five sources should consist of but are not exclusive to:
Websites of your choosing (found through the BCC and BPL databases)
Please feel free to use as many other sources you deem necessary. Each source should be cited and annotated according to MLA format.


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