Geely’s strategy to acquire Volvo

Geely’s strategy to acquire Volvo

Do you think Geely’s strategy to acquire Volvo can help the company to gain competitive advantages in the global car market? And why?

Read the case question first, then follow the essay plan to write (all discussion should base on this case and the unit theory)!

The person who want to take this order should be familiar with international business operation and its theories.Good English ,because this essay is a difficult essay to analysis,writer should find a lot resources to discuss.

In March 2010, Chinese car maker Geely (a Chinese word meaning lucky) signed a deal to buy Volvo from the US auto giant Ford for US$1. 8 billion. The acquisition is considered fresh evidence of foreign direct investment (FDI) being made by Chinese car makers in a bid to gain access to international markets and Western technology. The Volvo deal placed Geely – which was barely known outside of China – in the spotlight. It also raised questions just how ready Geely was to be a major player on the global stage.

Do you think Geely’s strategy to acquire an extremely well-established Western automobile manufacturer can help the company to gain competitive advantages in the global car market? And why?

Search information (e.g. Newspapers and other media outlets) relevant to the case and answer the case question (italic above) through reference to the concepts and frameworks introduced in the lecture program.

Topic for this Essay
Geely’s acquisition of Volvo:
Can Geely compete in the global car market?

Units for this Essay
Department of Marketing and Management
Global Business Strategy

15 academic references, Journal articles and books are better
The Harvard referencing system should be used.
The theory that you can add if you think those are better to discuss with you.
Acquisition :
FDI SWOT analysis
Institutional Theory
Porter’s 5 Forces & Industry Structure
Competitive advantage
Internal and External Framing for Strategic Decisions
Supply chain RBV Decision-making VRIO framework

Each paragraph needs to have Topic sentence first , state the main point that you want to talk. And for each paragraph, need to have a positive point against negative point, argue about both sides.

Topic sentence : what the paragraph will be about
Support sentence: develop an opinion and supporting by research.
Discussion of relevant theory
Reflection of research
Explanation of why…. is better and… is not better


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