finance assignment

Business Research Methods (29:623:340)
Section 62
Spring 2016
Homework 2
DUE DATE: Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016
Question 1:
Coin Toss Simulation: We all know that the true probability of getting a head in a
coin toss is 0.5. You have to use EXCEL to prove this is in fact true.

Simulate 500
tosses of the coin and count the number of heads you get in those 500 tosses. What
is the simulated probability of getting a head? Your EXCEL sheet should have the
following column labels:
Print only the first page of the simulation (not the entire 500 lines) with
formulas [Press CTRL + ` (grave accent)] and without.
Submission Guidelines
1. Type all the answers and label them correctly (no handwritten
assignments will be accepted).
2. Submit a printed copy of the homework when you come to class on the
due date. If you have more than one page of answers, please consider
printing on both sides of the paper, this is the only planet that can support
life (so far). Also, staple it.
3. Make sure you write your name and the section you are registered in, on
your answer sheets.
4. Print out two copies of your EXCEL file, one with the values, and one with
the formulae.
5. Emailed homeworks will not be accepted. If for some reason, you cant
attend class that day, make arrangements to send it through a friend or
leave it in my office on/before the due date.
Question 2:
Consider the National Football League teams, 32 teams in total. Assuming all teams
are equally good, you have to find out the probability of winning the super bowl for
each of these teams using simulations. Simulate the results of this experiment 3
times (similar to taking 3 samples) and find the average probabilities for these
simulations for each team. Which team has the highest probability of winning
according to your results?
Print your excel sheet with formulas [Press CTRL + ` (grave accent)] and

Arizona Cardinals
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers
New York Giants
Detroit Lions
Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers
Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis Colts
Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers
Denver Broncos
New York Jets
New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders
Tennessee Titans
Buffalo Bills
Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons
Miami Dolphins
New Orleans Saints
Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans
Question 3:
A club has 20 student members and 10 faculty members. The students are :
Barrette Dobmier Josey Leatherman Schuetter
Blake Douglas Kohl Miller Svenson
Bayer Fox Koster Nelson Thompson
Conroy Fry Landgraf Quan Winner
The faculty members are:
Berliner Dean Hans Ozturk Rumsey
Craig Fligner Miller Pearl Turkmen
The club can send 3 students and 2 faculty members to a convention. It decides

choose those who will go by random selection.
a) Use Table A to choose a stratified random sample of 3 students and 2 faculty
b) What is the chance that the student named Conroy is chosen? What is the
probability that the faculty member named Dean is chosen?
Question 4:
Each year, Forbes magazine ranks the 2000 largest metropolitan areas in the US in
an article on the best places for businesses and careers. First place in 2010 went

Moines, Iowa. Des Moines was ranked 7th in 2009. Second place in 2010 went to
Provo, Utah. Provo was ranked 40th in 2009. Durham, North Carolina was ranked
only 23rd in 2010 but was ranked 3rd in 2009. Are these facts evidence that Forbes’s
ratings are invalid, biased or unreliable? Explain your choice.

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