Family Needs and Visitation with ICU Patients

Family Needs and Visitation with ICU Patients

1. The high Acuity paper Instructions
2. High Acuity paper rubric
3. High Acuity paper checklist
4. High Acuity help sheet

find a good NURSING ARTICLES recent from year 2009, from a reputable NURSING JOURNALS to write the above paper topic.

use at least 3 supporting Nursing articles recent from year 2008.

High Acuity Help Sheet
Susie Smith
Indiana State University
High Acuity Paper: Help Sheet
Indent all paragraphs. The title is also placed on the first page and is centered. The title is not in boldface. Do not use the word introduction in place of the title. All writing must be double-spaced. At the end of the introduction, please state (in sentence form) the purpose of your paper. Please use proper citations throughout.
?the first time the authors are cited, all names must be present if there are less than six). Below are two ways to cite these authors. Also note that a direct quote must be enclosed in quotation marks and the page number needs to be provided with other citation information.
“These fluid intellectual transformations occur when students reconcile formal instructional experiences with their existing knowledge, the social and cultural context in which ideas occur, and a host of other influences that serve to mediate understanding” (Legg, Adelman, Mueller, & Levitt, 2009, p. 65).
According to Legg, Adelman, Mueller, and Levitt (2009), “these fluid intellectual transformations occur when students reconcile formal instructional experiences with their existing knowledge, the social and cultural context in which ideas occur, and a host of other influences that serve to mediate understanding” (p. 65).
On a subsequent citation of these authors, all names do not need to appear. If the subsequent citation is a direct quote, cite as follows: (Legg et al., 2009, p. 34), if the subsequent citation is paraphrased, cite as follows (Legg et al., 2009).
Legg, T., Adelman, D., & Levitt, C. (2009). Constructivist strategies in online distance education in nursing. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(2), 64-69.
More than 6 authors cite as follows for a quote or paraphrasing respectively: (Smith et al., 2005, p. 26), (Smith et al., 2005).
APA Within the Manuscript
Explain all abbreviations in APA format. State the words on the abbreviation followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. The patient was receiving care in the intensive care unit (ICU).
Once the abbreviation has been explained, it can be used as an abbreviation throughout the remainder of the paper. Family members of ICU patients can be overwhelmed by the equipment and technology.
When referencing some numbers (except when the numbers reference a scale), write the word for the number if it is less than 10. The research study include six patients who were noncompliant. The patient was asked to rate her pain on a scale of 1 to 10.
Reference with doi number
Choi, S. & Rankin, S. (2009). Glucose control in Korean immigrants with type 2 diabetes. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 31(3), 347-363. doi:10:1177/0193945908328472
Reference without doi
Harpaz, I., Balik, C., & Ehrenfeld, M. (2004). Concept mapping: An educational strategy for advancing nursing education. Nursing Forum, 39(2), 27-30.
Reference with more than 7 authors
Hinck, S., Webb, P., Sims-Giddens, S., Helton, C., Hope, K., Utley, R., . . . Yarbrough, S. (2006). Student learning with concept mapping of care plans in community-based education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 22(1), 23-29.

N424: High-acuity paper SPRING 2015
High Acuity Care: Issues Paper (75 Points)
The student nurse will use knowledge gained through class work, clinical, and independent library investigation to produce a 7 pages (excluding title page and reference list) paper on one of the This topics:

Topic: Family Needs and Visitation with ICU patients
1. A word-processed paper utilizing APA 6th Edition rules for formatting and correct citation of references is required.
2. The paper must:
A. be based on a foundational study (see above topics),
B. describe the clinical problem or issue,
C. state a purpose,
D. review the standards of care,
E. overview the essential nursing interventions pertaining to the issue, and
F. explain how the interventions will be incorporated into one’s nursing practice
G. indicate the role of a another profession in the interdisciplinary care of the patient with the indicated clinical problem, and
H. have a conclusion
3. A minimum of 3 supporting nursing articles (recent > 2009) from reputable
PRINT nursing journals (may be electronically accessed) must be used.
4. The reference list will be submitted for approval in advance of the due date.
5. Use of one web resource. Web sources must be .gov, .org or .edu.
6. A High-Acuity paper checklist will be provided to insure that all required elements have been  addressed.
7. A detailed grading rubric will be posted on the course blackboard site.
8. All papers will utilize the plagiarism scanning program TURNITIN.


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