Family, Community, and Population-Based Care

Weekly Overview – Virtual Practicum Assignments

Virtual Practicum Learning Objectives

• Choose a specific population at risk with poor health outcomes in your community.

• Analyze various sources of health data and other evidence to refine a specific population at risk.

• Collaborate with families, communities, and professionals within the health care system to determine cultural issues and needs of population at risk.

• Design evidence-based, culturally appropriate intervention(s) to improve health outcomes for a population at risk specific to your community.

• Propose an evaluation for the proposed interventions using health outcome data for the population at risk.

• Present proposed interventions to at least one professional in the community.

• Reflect on your role as a health care advocate and leader in your community.

Weekly Practicum Assignments

Practicum Group Discussions

Week 1: Identify a Population Group at risk, population of interest, and/or vulnerable population in your community.

Collaborate with professionals across the health care system in order to find the gap in care or social determinants resulting in poor outcomes. Begin to take the lead to advocate and collaborate for the population at risk.

Week 2: Use health data to refine and limit population of interest/at risk for your community.

Find epidemiological data (national, state and local) related to a population in your community. Compare local data to state and national data. Refine description of the population at risk through continued collaboration with professionals as you analyze related health data.

Week 3: Consider Levels of Prevention in your community

Consider primary prevention for population at risk in your community.

Week 4: Consider Levels of Nursing Intervention for key health concerns in your community.

Consider nursing interventions at the community and system level of care aimed at primary prevention for population of interest/at risk.

Include culturally competent assessments and interventions by Interviewing family members of population at risk. Support your ideas with scholarly literature. (Do not include the individual level of nursing care.)

Week 5: Create a possible Evidenced-Based, Culturally Appropriate Intervention project to improve the health of your community.

Incorporate all information gathered from the community: the population itself, health data, professionals from various disciplines in the community, community assessment, windshield survey, and the literature to propose interventions. Include basic plan for evaluation for intervention.

Week 6: Present Population-Based Nursing Care Project

Present your possible intervention project (PowerPoint) to at least one other professional in your community.

Present your possible intervention project (PowerPoint) to your practicum group and share feedback you received from the professional mentioned above. Discuss your role as an advocate and healthcare leader in promoting positive social change as a scholar-practitioner to improve the health of vulnerable populations in your community.

Other documents to review:

Course Info: Practicum Rubrics

Doc Sharing: NURS 4010-4011 Practicum Assignments – Weekly details (read entirely before beginning your project)


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