Fadiman Essay Questions

Fadiman Essay Questions
Please type and single-space your responses to the following questions, clearly labeling the question being addressed and utilizing standard margins and a 12-point font. Your responses will be based primarily on the Fadiman text and associated class materials. Include a citation (any standard format is fine) if you are: a) referring to information gleaned from outside of the Fadiman text or; b) using a direct quotation from any source. Responses getting high marks will demonstrate the following characteristics: a thorough treatment of the issues raised in the question, well written, tight organization, and thoughtful. The responses are due no later than the time and date of our final exam for the course; you are welcome to turn the assignment in earlier if you have it completed.

1. What are some of the most important aspects of Hmong culture? What do the Hmong consider their most important duties and obligations? How did they affect the Hmong’s transition to the United States? (~ 1/2 page)


2. What aspects of Hmong culture did you find appealing and admirable as you read the book? What aspects did you find off-putting or disturbing, and why might you have felt that way? What lessons could the Hmong teach mainstream U.S. society? (~1/2 page)


3. Towards the end of the book (pg. 259) Fadiman poses the question “Was the gulf [between the Lees and their doctors] unbridgeable?” What do you think? Reflect on the ?�eight questions’ developed by Arthur Kleinman and his comments on page 261 in regards to this question. (~1/2 page)


4. What did you learn from this book? (i.e, discuss a few aspects or issues that particularly interested, surprised, or provoked you). (~1/2 page)



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