Essay One – Sense of Place

In essay one, you will begin to explore your own sense of place or personal experience as it relates to one of the three prompts below.

In 500 words develop a thesis related to the prompt you select. Support your thesis with your own experiences. This essay is

preparation for Essay Two; you will use the same writing prompt for Essay Two that you use for Essay One. This essay is 10% of your

final grade.

Prompt 1)
Choose a topic that you are interested in from Plan B 4.0. Present and support an argument based on the topic you chose. In other

words, state a position on a topic from the book and support it through evidence. Be sure to explain and defend your thesis using

specific examples from your experiences.

Prompt 2)
What is the relationship between people and the environment in A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith? Use specific examples from your

experience to support your thesis and ideas.

Prompt 3)
In his book, Ecological Literacy, David Orr claims, “. . . all education is environmental education. By what is included or excluded,

emphasized or ignored, students learn that they are a part of or apart from the natural world. Through all education we inculcate the

ideas of careful stewardship or carelessness” (Orr 1992).

What characterizes effective environmental education? Where and how should environmental education be taught? Why? Be sure to use

specific examples from your experience to defend your thesis.

Essay Content
• Develop a strong thesis that clearly and concisely demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of the issue(s).
• Use examples from your own experiences to support your thesis as you reflect on the topic.

Essay Format
• Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words. Include the total word count at the end of your paper. You will be penalized if

your essay is less than 500 or greater than 600 words in length.
• One reference is required (more are acceptable) for this essay from any of the course texts and/or peer reviewed research.
• Make sure to cite each source in the body of your essay and include a Bibliography or Works Cited page at the end of your

essay, formatted appropriately.
• Use APA style for your citations and works cited. However, keep things simple: there’s no need to write an abstract, or use

cover sheets, running headings, or excess margins and spacing.
• You must submit your paper electronically on Canvas by the deadline outlined in the syllabus and in Canvas. Your paper will

automatically be submitted to through Canvas.

For help finding and identifying peer-reviewed sources, go to the FGCU library!
• How to find articles:
• How to cite:
• Identifying peer-reviewed articles:
• Best of all, ask a librarian in person!

Grading Rubric
Your essay will be graded based on the rubric posted on Canvas. It includes the following elements: thesis development and essay

organization, critical thinking, providing supporting evidence and meeting course objectives, inclusion of personal connection and

sense of place, creativity and originality, and writing mechanics.

• A thesis advances an argument. The articulation of the thesis is the most important dimension of the essay because it sets the

stage for the assignment and organizes your supporting evidence and ideas. It is more than a summary; it is the central claim you are

presenting and supporting with evidence.
• Think of the thesis as the spine of your essay. Every paragraph should be designed to support, extend, or illustrate the thesis

in some way.
• Be sure you have a clear and concise thesis that you can defend with specific examples and supporting evidence from your own

sense of place and experiences.
• Sometimes your thesis will not be clear until the end of your paper, after you have revised and narrow your topic. It’s OK to

write your thesis last!
• Be detailed and descriptive of your sense of place and the personal experiences that help support your thesis.
• Review the rubric throughout the writing process to ensure that you include all of the required elements in your essay.
• Remember, this is a reflective essay, so you should be using this as an opportunity to consider something new. How might course

ideas allow you to see your own experiences in a new light? How might your experiences allow you to find new insights about course


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