Entrepreneurial activity in a particular context

Part B. Individual project (60% of total mark)
a. What are the barriers and enablers of entrepreneurial activity in a particular context and how can the barriers be reduced? We have explored several contexts in this module but the contexts we want you to explore are start-ups or more mature companies that can either be family or non-family firms. In order to answer this question you are expected to collect and analyse primary data through interviews or through questionnaire distribution. Your interview questions, questionnaire and analysis should be based in lecture material and relevant academic reading. Wider reading tends to be associated with higher marks. You will be expected to submit your interview questions and/or questionnaire as an appendix to your coursework.
b. An electronic copy must be uploaded to LEARN where it will also be checked for plagiarism
c. Report format
d. Make sure your name is stated clearly on this document

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