English Language Teaching Methods

Title C: Critically evaluate learning opportunities provided in the teaching materials
Module 7 Socialising in Cutting Edge by Cunningham and Moor (2005) to enable
students at B1 to B2 level of CEFR to produce a short radio talk about social
behaviour in a foreign country.
The main purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your ability to apply Scrivener’s chart on
page (2014:159) and other relevant TESOL literature (2014:159) to identify, analyse and
evaluate the opportunities provided in the teaching materials for ‘Input, Learning and Use’.
You need to explain in your own words what you understand about the roles played by
‘input, learning and use’ in learning English as a second or foreign language drawing on
Scrivener and others authors. Use their ideas to interpret and critically evaluate the design
and sequence of the activities in terms of the extent to which these activities have prepared
or failed to prepared learners for the radio talk task. Remember to draw on relevant TESOL
or second language learning theories or practice to support your discussion, analysis and
comments. Critique and reflect on your application of Scrivener’s chart or other ideas you
have applied.

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