English Language Teaching Methods

Title B: Discuss a specific issue in teaching or learning English as a foreign or a second
language in a context you are familiar with, and possible improvements in
teaching pedagogy with supporting evidence from relevant theories and
The main purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your ability to investigate an issue related
to teaching English as a foreign or a second language. You should state clearly problem or
issue you have observed, experienced or read with a brief account of the background of
learners and teaching context, e.g. age of the learners, level of their language proficiency,
and possible exposure to the target language in and outside the classroom, etc. Analyse the
cited problem or issue, using relevant TESOL or second language learning theories and
literature on good practice to identify underlying factors or reasons. Based on the outcomes
of your analysis, propose ways or ideas for improvement. Make sure that you discuss the
advantages of your proposals as well as any implications.

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