Implicit Attitudes about Gender Late posts receive NO credit. Be sure to submit initial post via Turn-it-in. 25 points possible (20 points max for intial post, 5 points for one response) BACKGROUND: This discussion board will ask you to take an anonymous on-line quiz called an “implicit association test.” The test was created by several major universities to help people discover if they hold a hidden bias. You will take the anonymous test, then post a thread about your experience. You may choose to disclose your results on the test, or you may choose to keep the results private. The test will take about 5 minutes. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Go to the Project Implicit website’s list of anonymous demonstration tests at: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/selectatest.html 2. Choose the demonstration category from the above link. 3. From the list of bias tests available, CHOOSE ONE OF THE TWO TESTS REGARDING GENDER. The test will take about 5 minutes. 4. After completing the online test, come back to the discussion board. 5. Post a 250 word response about your experience with taking this test. You may choose to divulge what your results were, or you may keep it private but your posting should demonstrate that you took the test (ie, we should be able to tell that you actually took the online quiz by your knowledge of the experience). Your response posted on the discussion board should: A) State WHICH GENDER BIAS test you took. B) Discuss your feelings as you took the test. Ex: Did you find any of the areas of the test more difficult/more slow/more error prone than others? Why do you think that is? B) Discuss your feelings about the test. Ex: Did you feel your result was accurate? Do you think the test is capturing your conscious or unconscious biases? Were you surprised by the results? 6. Post two 50 or more word response to two of your classmates’ postings. Respond to what they wrote and say something meaningful, not just “yeah me too.” Of course you should always be respectful and professional in your writing (no profanity or personal attacks). Try the test, it’s a interesting test for some information. I pick the gender career IAT and the questions are all the same so please read the questions by yourself. I will upload the result of mine.

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