Disorders and Delusions of Mind

Disorders and Delusions of Mind
Assignment Information COGS 201 Disorders and Delusions of Mind
Critically evaluate a cognitive account of an impairment or abnormality of processing within a particular disorder.

The disorder or impairment should be one of the following impairments: Dyslexia, Aphasia, Autism, and Schizophrenia.
You should describe the disorder and the impairment associated with it, and explain how the cognitive theory accounts for the impairment. You should then review the experimental evidence supporting or contradicting this account, in order to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.
For example, if you choose ‘The dual route model of reading for dyslexia’, you may want to follow
these steps:
1. Pick a disorder: Dyslexia – describe what dyslexia is.
2. Pick a cognitive impairment within the disorder: A specific difficulty in reading sight words – describe the impairment.
3. Pick a theory/model that accounts for this cognitive impairment: The dual route model of reading– describe the dual route model.
Explain how the theory/model accounts for the impairment: Impairment in sight word reading is a result of a deficit in the lexical route of the dual route model. This is supported
by empirical data showing…
4. Critically evaluate the theory/model by evaluating the supporting evidence. The dual route model account for sight word reading deficit is not supported by …..

Word Limit: 2,000 words
Format: Double spaced, and printed in 12-point font with 2.54 cm margins. The word limit includes in-text referencing but does not include the reference list at the end, or the title page. Referencing: Your assignment should also follow APA (American Psychological Association) formatting and referencing guidelines.
Due Date: 10 am Friday, May 2nd
Weighting: 45%
• Late submission: Lateness penalty will be applied as 5% of the total mark for that assignment for every day late, therefore an assignment worth 30% of the total mark for the unit will incur a 1.5 mark deduction every day until the assignment is submitted.
• Over-Length: Writing over the allocated word limit attracts a penalty of 5% of the maximum mark for every 100 words over the stated word limit. Therefore, for the assignment (worth 45%
of the overall assessment) if the assignment is 100 words over the limit (2,100 words) then 5% x 45 = 2.25 marks will be subtracted from whatever the student received for the assignment.
• The assignment should be submitted on TURNITIN. The submission procedure will be provided in the next tutorial.


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