Cybersecurity and global interdependence)


Final Project must be at least 15 APA-formatted and referenced pages including title page and references.

You must submit your Final Project as any other Written Assignment in the course to Turn It through Week 8 Assignments.

You can use the Final Project template to develop your Research Paper or Policy Paper or EDMG540 (Research Methods) Template

Final Project without a satisfactory Turn It In Similarity Index (in the blue or green, or around 23 percent of lower) will not be accepted for grading.

You can submit your Final Project to Turn It In through Week 8 Assignments multiple times. I will count your latest Final Project Turn It submission as your final submission.

DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FINAL PROJECT TO YOUR PERSONAL TURN IT IN Account or through someone else’s account before you submit it under Week 8 Assignments.

Submitting YOUR FINAL PROJECT TO YOUR PERSONAL TURN IT IN ACCOUNT or using someone else’s Turn It In account will render your actual Week 8 submission ineligible for grading. It will generate 100 percent similarity (plagiarism) once (re)submitted under Week 8 Assignments.

In the Final Project, all listed sub-headings/sub-sections from the Final Project Content and Format must be included.

If you have taken EDMG540 (Research Methods), you can use EDMG540 template to structure your Final Project. In some subsections/subheadings from this course template under Research Design section you should state briefly in a paragraph or two, a method/technique you would use to conduct your own “field” research on the subject (survey, interview/s, statistical analysis, content analysis, etc.). You will have no time to conduct actual field research.

In the Literature Review section, you should APA-review at least 10 peer-reviewed authors who wrote on the chosen subject in addition to primary sources (laws, regulations, convention, treaties) and media sources. Wikipedia should not be used as a reference.

In the Analysis section, you should critically assess authors’ premises, logic of inquiry and claims. You can inject your own thoughts on these authors’ analyses and the topic itself only by the end of the Literature Review and in concluding your Analysis section. The Analysis section should conclude with a statement on your own previously stated Thesis that should answer the question if your Thesis is valid (is confirmed) or not (is rejected)

If you want to develop a Policy Paper instead of Research Paper, please see the template and look for Policy Paper section in it.

Submit as Microsoft Word document.

Final version of the Research Paper must be APA‐formatted, and must include the following

subsections in the following order:

1. Title Page

2. Statement of Purpose

ï‚· Why you chose this topic?

3. Problem Statement (utilize literature/reference and cite using APA standard)

 You must utilize peer‐reviewed literature listed in your References

ï‚· Summarize how and why other authors have addressed or failed to address this


4. Research Question

ï‚· Your Research Question should point to a problem/process/phenomenon that

has not been covered in the literature, or you believe has been covered or

answered incorrectly, insufficiently or inadequately.

ï‚· It should contain a presumed relationship between variables

(independent/dependent, i.e., cause and effect)

5. Literature Review

ï‚· Your literature review should show you have read and understood what experts

in the field have written about the same or similar problem.

ï‚· Assess if and how well other authors covered the topic/problem. ” You can be

praising and critical.

ï‚· Criticism should point to deficiencies in authors’ Claims, Grounds, Assumptions,

Warrants, Backing, Qualifiers, and Rebuttals

6. Research Design/Methodology

ï‚· Research Design/Methodology (Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed)

ï‚· Research Design explication should be short (a single paragraph will suffice), and

should point to a method you would use to investigate the problem in depth.

ï‚· Most likely, for the term paper, you will not have time to conduct your own

research. This is why the emphasis is on your Literature Review.

7. Thesis/Proposition


Your preliminary/presumed answer to your Research Question)

ï‚· “factors A, B and C affect/cause or correlate with Y”

ï‚· You need to develop a relationship between variables (independent/dependent,

i.e., cause and effect), after you discovered deficiencies in the literature and


ï‚· Variables are key factors you want to determine and evaluate

ï‚· Independent variable is often the cause of the


ï‚· Dependent variable is its effect/outcome/consequence

ï‚· As for operational definition of variables, research instruments,

validity, sample, collecting data, etc., you do not need to go in

detail here.

8. Analysis (of your investigation)

ï‚· Contrast your findings/judgment with those in your Literature Review.

ï‚· How are your Analysis and Findings related to your Research Question

and the Thesis?

 If, why, and how your research ‐‐ distilled in your Thesis ‐‐ supports or

rejects the existing Literature’s arguments and/or Practice?

ï‚· Does it answer your Research Question?

ï‚· Does it confirm or refute your Proposition (Thesis)?

9. Conclusion and Recommendations for Further Research


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