cross-cultural and international communications and the training

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To develop insight into the issues related to effective cross-cultural and international communications and the training required to prepare employees to effectively communicate and interact with people in diverse international settings. To gain experience in communicating a new communication training program to the AVI company employees who will be involved with a new international business venture.

Role and Audience

You are: Victoria Valle, Vice President for Programs in AVI
Your audience is: the AVI employees who will be involved in the new international business venture

(Two-module assignment, 750-1500 words) – AVI President Charles Carey, together with the AVI Management Committee, has decided to expand AVI into a new market for its existing civilian law enforcement capabilities that includes the Middle East. You are Victoria Valle and Charles Carey has asked you, as a member of the Management Committee and the VP for Programs, to write a memo to describe the special communications training that will be needed for all AVI employees who will be involved in this new venture. You should assume that Charles Cary has already distributed an all-staff memo announcing the new venture.

Use a memo format.
Discuss both the design and content of the training program and the rationale for the content and structure of the training program. The rational should include a discussion of the unique issues that may make communication difficult and how the training will address those issues.
This should go on AVI letterhead.
Provide at least one reference each from
one of your textbooks;


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