Critical Review

Critical Review Description. Thoroughly discuss, follow instructions, and answer all Questions Q1-6. Included Proper in-text citation.

Apply Attached AIUAPAWordTemplate2014. Use sources more current within the last 5 years. Use Full-text databases for journal articles and

other peer reviewed resources for your research. Keep the sim score to 10% or lower.
By looking at a broader framework of an organization’s environment, specifically its culture, organizational leaders can better understand

difficult problems within an educational institution.
By examining a school culture, these leaders will be better equipped to shape the values and attitudes necessary to support improvements

in their learning environment.
Q1.Use Whiddon Rogers Education Center as our educational environment.
Q2.Your team has already completed an external scan; internal scan; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT or

SWOC); and a strategic plan.
Q3.These completed steps have indicated a need for cultural change as a part of the institution’s organizational development.
Q4.Describe the existing culture of an institution and any problems within the institution caused by its culture.
Q5.Use the following change agent models to create an intervention that will effectively shape the values and attitudes of those

professionals within the institution to better meet the needs of the institution and connect with its strategic plan:
Reigeluth&Garfinkle (1994) – systemic change in education


Q6. Write 6 pages

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