Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Marine Sgt. Bergdahl’s release was secured. The trade was for the top Taliban leadership. There seems to be multiple “central” issues in no particular order (and there may be more).

1. Bringing an American POW home

2. Planned disertion

3. “Game-changing” negotiating with terrorists

4. Bypassing Congress and violating the law

It seems Sgt. Bergdahl allegedly converted to Islam, declared Jihad in 2010 and was seen shooting AK-47s with his “captors”. Now none of us know what we would do, or if we would do anything differently if in captivity for 5 years. His father praised Allah at the White House during the President’s press conference as well. Does this matter if he is Muslim? We simply do not have enough information yet to make determinations as to what might or might not have been appropriate. Sergeant Bergdahl was recently charged with desertion.

Use research, experience and logic to analyze this situation from various facets of the situation. Remember posts must be thoughtful, respectful perspectives or analyses backed by research. It is interesting the debate that has developed recently as well (that the President held a White House press conference for a “deserter” and supposedly did not even contact the wife of Chris Kyle (whom many believe is an Amercian hero).

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