Countdown to D-Day

Countdown to D-Day
You will write a paper on the movie discussing how the movie portrays leaders and leadership. Explain and analyze the main characters from a leadership perspective. End with the leadership lessons you can learn from this movie. Base your analysis on Kouzes & Posner’s practices of exemplary leadership, the theories we discussed (theory X, theory Y, theory Z) and Sanford’s book.
Following are some guidelines in the form of questions you may want to consider as you analyze each individual and the overall situation as portrayed in the movie:
*What’s the leadership issue(s) (dilemma, struggle, point of view, etc.)?

*What’s the universal, or modern, equivalent? Provide personal examples/applications.

*How is the issue(s) dealt with and resolved?

*How do you feel about the handling of the issue(s)? What made it “wrong” or “right” and what other choices and actions might have been taken (and why)?

*What are your reactions? Do any aspects of the Kouzes Posner leadership framework apply? What lessons and insights about being an effective leader do you derive from this analysis?

*Do you see any of the other aspects of leadership theories portrayed?

*How would these individuals define leadership?

*What was their leadership philosophy?

*What did you learn from this person that can help you be a better leader yourself?

Other questions you might want to consider:
*Did they model what they wanted from others?
*How did they handle mistakes or problems?
*Did they recognize others, and celebrate accomplishments?
*Are there areas where you can personally identify with this leader’s circumstances, struggles, insights, etc?
*What were this person’s vulnerabilities?
*Where or how could they have been more effective?
Key Characters for Ike: Countdown to D-Day
General Dwight D. Eisenhower Commander in Chief, Supreme Headquarters,
Allied Expeditionary Force,
European Theater of Operations
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain
LTG Walter “Beetle” Smith Chief of Staff for Eisenhower
General Sir Bernard “Monty” Montgomery Commander of 21st Army Group
LTG Omar Bradley Commander, 1st Army
LTG George S. Patton Commander, 1st U.S. Army Group
General Charles De Gaulle Commander of French forces
King George King of England
Queen Elizabeth Queen of England

*Note: LTG = Lieutenant General
My instructions (important notes)

The only references you must use according to my instructor’s instructions are the following:
Harmon, R. (Director). (2004). Ike: Countdown to D-Day [Motion Picture].
Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2007). The leadership challenge. San Francisco, CA: Jossy-Bass.
Sanborn, M. (2006). You don’t need a title to be a leader. Colorado Springs, CO: Water Book Press.
*The following website may help you to get some information about Kouzes Posner’s leadership framework and the leadership theories/concepts:
*The following website is the Executive Summary of You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader (Sanford’s book) that may help you:
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