Manuel is a 15-year-old “at-risk” adolescent, with whom you have been working at your practicum site. One day when you are talking with

him, he reports that he is extremely depressed and just doesn’t care about living anymore. List 4 of the “Legal Do’s and Don’ts”

outlined in the text that you will want to consider when working with Manuel. Apply each of these to Manuel’s situation.

You will use your textbook and the Clinton et al. text as your references in addition to 2 other scholarly sources.

The legal dos and don’ts for dealing with youth that are at risk goes as follows: First, “document actions fully and professionally.

This should be done by making sure you include an assessment of the risky behavior at the forefront and the main treatment and the

logic behind these actions. The “reasonable professional judgment” standard will protect the practitioner against liability if the

documentation indicates thoughtful professional decision making” (McWhirter, McWhirter, McWhirter, & McWhirter, 2013). Secondly,

“Consult frequently with colleagues on therapeutic, ethical, and legal questions. Common sense tells juror that “two heads are better

than one” if colleagues supported a decision at the time, a plaintiff will have a hard time proving negligence” (McWhirter, et al.,

2013). Thirdly, “support and communicate with the family in the aftermath of a suicide or other traumatic event involving the young

person, while maintaining the required level of confidentially. This can help facilitate the family’s resolution of grief. Such contact

may also reduce the likelihood of a hasty, emotion-driven decision to file a malpractice suit” (McWhirter, et al., 2013). Last but not

lease, “continuously update professional training, and keep a record of the seminars and classes attended. Ongoing training enhances

the quality of practice, and may also convey to a jury or judge that you are a conscientious practitioner who works provide the best

for the client. Of course, continuing education requirements of most professional associations is helpful here” (McWhirter, et al.,



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