Construction Law

Construction Law
Assessment task:

Prepare a report for an Employer considering the standard form of contract typically used within UK construction sector.

You are to consider the contracts used in major development schemes over £5 million in value and make a recommendation on a contract family setting out the advantages and disadvantages of your selection compared to any alternative standard form of contract.

Following your selection of one main type of contract you are to explain how a dispute over payment would be resolved in the event of a disagreement between the employer and the contractor.

Explain how this dispute could be resolved under the alternative dispute resolution mechanism under your selected contract and the options available to the employer in terms of structuring the contract to deal with potential disputes and litigation.

Weighting: 30%

Date time/method of submission: Week 12

Word count or equivalent: 2,000 words

Assessment criteria: as shown on standard marking grid – please see below.

Assessment briefing:

The UK construction industry has developed a series of standard forms of contract used in developments that have been evolved by the professional bodies or providers of contract.

Consider the range of families of these documents that currently exist and then compare and contrast two main forms from your selection.

Marking grid: Standard marking grid

Timing of feedback: Two weeks

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