Assignment Task

Produce an annotated database of ‘Live News’ using Evernote and Google Docs/Sheets
You should use Evernote ( to create, manage and develop a database of clippings and/or other notes from a range of sources and data relevant to the themes of the module.
Your Evernote notebook must include at least 20 Evernote notes (no maximum).
Your notes should include:
•    Web clippings
•    Google Docs or other Word-processed file
•    Google Sheets or other Spreadsheet file
•    Multimedia content
•    Images
Each Evernote note should be annotated with at least one paragraph of text in your own words. These annotations can be extra information or links, quotes (using Harvard Referencing style) or questions and ideas.
Your annotations should focus on:
•    The relationships between hardware and software and other computing actants
•    Explain how the technologies discussed in the story or information can enhance or change management functions.
•    The issues the story or information raises for business and/or organisations using computing technologies
You should use Evernote’s affordances to link and add value to your entries.
How to submit:
1)    Copy your annotations from Evernote into a single Google Docs document.
2)    Add the PUBLIC URL* of your Evernote notebook.
3)    Add your student ID.
4)    Download the Google Docs document
5)    Submit the completed document to Turnitin.
Submission must contain your text annotations, public URL of the Evernote notebook and student ID to be assessed. Only notes and annotations added before the hand-in date will be assessed
* To find your public URL:
1.    Click “i” on top right corner of open Evernote notebook.
2.    Select “modify sharing” button.
3.    Select “publish” button. Copy the public URL.
4.    Select “done” button.
5.    Test by logging out of your Evernote account. Can you still access the notebook using the public URL?

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