Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technology

A comparative analysis of the technological conception of making smart cities using Information and Communications Technologies in two cities; Dubuque, Iowa and Songdo IBD, South Korea.
Project description
It is a paper includes 4-5 sections, my part is going to be the third and fourth section of this paper, so what I am asking for is writing is not an entire paper, hopefully you understand what I mean. If you are interested to see the the outline of the paper to get more insight, let me know
III. Technologies used to make these cities smarter and how these technologies match up with the model to bring these services for both cities. **Technical details
a. Water use
b. Energy use
(water and energy are two main area are utilized in smart cities, so that it will be good to mention technologies in both might be same or different)
IV. Future challenges in continuing sustainability in the cities designs.
a. **Near-term impact — Risks
b. **Long-term impact — Risks
c. **Suggested course of action (e.g., what should be done and why)

in the last heading (Suggested course of action), my thoughts could be said explicitly according to what been searched.

As I know it is going to be 4 pages without the references, I don’t want waste space in writing the headings and citation, the most important thing is what is in there

The references are well referenced evidence not restricted to 6 it could be more as well
This is a quote of the professor instructions:
“Report: A 12-15 page single space final position paper that builds a clear argument using well referenced evidence.”


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