Completed Research Plan

Using the assignments that you’ve already completed and the available resources, complete the following: Prior to completing this assignment, refer to Sections 2.1–2.5; 3.1–3.5; and 3.16 and 3.17 of the Qualitative and Quantitative Examples of the two completed Research Plan/Scientific Merit Review Forms and your previously submitted assignments.

You are expected to submit your form with all assigned sections completed to-date:
•2.1 Research Problem.
•2.2 Advancing the Scientific Knowledge Base.
•2.3 Theoretical Foundation.
•2.4 Contribution to Research Theory.
•2.5 Research Questions.
•3.1 Variables and Concepts.
•3.2 General Methodology.
•3.3 Methodological Approach.
•3.4 Rationale for Methodology.
•3.5 Assumptions.
•3.16 Ethical Considerations.
•3.17 Risk Assessment.

Note: All assignments are expected to follow APA guidelines for style and formatting, and to include appropriate citations. Refer to the Resources for more information about APA guidelines.

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