Communication Research Methods: Research Evaluation Report

Communication Research Methods: Research Evaluation Report


Research Evaluation Report

Use only this article. Evaluate the paper and its conclusions from a methodological perspective. The main questions asked will be; how did the researchers collect data, what data did they collect, when did they collect data, why did they collect these data and not others? How do you evaluate their methodological approach? Your focus should be on the methodology, the analysis and what the study contains and does not contain. You need no other information. No references required.

Overall assessment of research design – positivist/objectivist, deductive approach
Random vs. non random sample and its meaning – external validity/generalization, etc,
IF RANDOM: sampling error/confidence interval and interpretation
IF LONGITUDINAL: difference of proportion test – linking it to the newspaper story or the journal article
Response rate – or lack of reporting it?Advantages/disadvantages of method (face to face, phone, online..)
Interview dates – When did they collect the data? Did they report this?
Concepts and variables, what they measured, validity/reliability Bias during data collection – wording, interviewer, context, etc Reliability – rotate answers?
What is the methodology & method??
• Validity of design : external, internal validity?
• Advantages/disadvantages of method – data collection
What type of sampling??
• If probability : interpret sampling error, confidence interval
• If longitudinal : difference of proportion test
• If non probability : external validity?
How did they operationalise? Measure?
• Validity and reliability
Random vs. systematic error (bias)


Graded on:
• Evidence of understanding research methodologies, methods and techniques, as discussed in textbook readings, lectures and tutorials;

• Your knowledge of the application of methodologies, methods and research design;

• Evidence of critical awareness of the strengths and limitations of research design; and

• Your ability to evaluate the strength & weaknesses of a research report.


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