Communicating the Change

1.    Submit to dropbox as THREEseparate files (label each section of your paper).

2.    The main part of your project this week will ask you to pick ONE of the company’s change initiatives and develop a communication plan for the company. This plan should be submitted by using an excel spreadsheet, setting out the Stakeholders, the timeline of the communication plan, the method of communication, the rationale for why you chose this method of communication, the purpose of the communication and identifying “who” will do the communicating. The spreadsheet for this project can be found in doc-sharing, entitled “Week 6 Communication Plan Template”.

3.    Pick ONE of the communication pieces which you would have used which is listed in your communication plan spreadsheet, and write a draft communication in a Word document (either the text or the script, if the communication would have been oral.) to the audience/stakeholder group to which it is intended. YOU MUST COMPOSE AN ORIGINAL COMMUNICATION.

4.    The “real world” aspect of this project is that you will write a 1-2 page analysis of one of the media pieces about one of the company’s changes written (or provided via oral media) by the company. For this section of the project, please analyze any media, news, or other communications which explained the change going on in the organization. Explain in your paper how the company handled communicating the change to its stakeholders. Use course concepts on effective change communication in developing your analysis.

[Note: if you can’t find something in the public domain, then craft a list of criteria you would use to assess a change communication—good and bad—and discuss]
Summary of deliverables:
Document 1: Communication plan spreadsheet
Document 2: Original communication composed by you
Document 3: An analysis of an actual communication about the change put out by the company.

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