Cognitive Task Analysis

Cognitive Task Analysis
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Assessment task 3— Equipment Analysis
Due date: Monday, Week 12 – 19 May 2014 ASSESSMENT
Weighting: 50% 3
Length: No more than 3500 words

This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes (4, 5 and 6) as stated in this course profile.
Your task is to perform an evaluation of an item of equipment with regard to COGNITIVE ERGONOMICS.
You are hired as a consultant and are required to conduct an ergonomic evaluation of an item of equipment (if you are not currently employed please use an example from local school, shopping centre, industry or home).
Your evaluation report should include:
(Please use your own headings for items which are written in italics.)
1. An Executive Summary – brief 1 page which outlines a summary of what is in the whole report including findings and recommendations.
2. Introduction
• Brief Background
• Scope of the Report
• Description of equipment, the task and the users (include a cognitive task analysis – see below).
Sequence List in sequence all the tasks that must be performed to accomplish the functions in which a human plays a part
Steps Each task is then further broken down into steps required to carry out the task
Stimuli Analysis of stimuli that initiate the step
Decision Decisions the human must make in performing the step
Actions Actions required during the step
Information Information necessary to carry out the step
Feedback Info Feedback information resulting from performing the step
Error Sources Potential sources of error or stress
Criteria Criterion for successful performance


3. Problem identification
• How the equipment does or does not match the cognitive (i.e. information processing) characteristics of the users
• Other problems.
4. Analysis of problem (why is it a problem)
• You must include reference to relevant literature to support your analysis.
5. Design recommendations (solutions to problems)
• Recommendations for improving the match between the cognitive characteristics of the users and the design of the equipment
• Other recommendations.
6. Reference List
• Harvard style reference list of any references made in your report.

The report should also include any relevant photographs of the situation (integrated with text) and should be supported by literary reference.

You should address your report to the Manager or other suitable person in the organisation.

The report (with any supporting pictures, photos or diagrams) is NOT to be more than 6MB.

The report must focus on cognitive ergonomics issues. This assignment is not about physical ergonomics, so please ensure you pick a piece of equipment which support a discussion on cognitive ergonomics i.e. control room display board, consoles in machinery, information display panels etc

Ensure you address each of the assessment criteria in the marking matrix to received good marks.

If you have any doubt as to what is required for this assessment please ensure that you contact your lecturer for clarification.
Cognitive Task Analysis


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