China Modern History

China Modern History

HIST 285: Technology in Historical Context
Research Paper: Final Paper
Purpose: This will be a six- to nine-page paper in which you discuss the following issues related
to the industrialization of your chosen nation: The factors that either aided or hindered
industrialization, when and how the country became a fully-industrialized nation (if it is fullyindustrialized),
and how industrialization affected the traditional culture and political order of
that country (This part is crucially important; do not overlook it).
Turn in both a hard copy of this on the last day of class and submit it electronically
through the TurnItIn assignment on BB Vista.
Include on this document:
• Your name (of course)
• The course (so that I know what class you’re in)
• The assignment name (so I know what I’m looking at)
• A title
• Word count
• Use footnotes or endnotes
• Use Chicago Style for citations and works cited page
Format for the paper
• 1900 to 2500 words, excluding footnotes, endnotes, or works cited pages.
• Double-spaced, with 12-point font, and 1 to 1.25-inch margins. I need these in
order to be able to write comments between lines and in the margins.
• Written in an appropriately formal and academic style.
• Works cited page. No annotations necessary. For this, use the bibliographic format
for references.
• Staple your paper. Do not use even paperclips.
• Include page numbers

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