Business Situation Analysis and Response

Business Situation Analysis and Response

Project description
This is a thinking … organizing … communicating course.
The above is the first statement of the Course Description and Objectives section of the BA 200 Managerial Communications syllabus. Not only does it describe the overall progression and focus of this course, it is also the required process for effective business communication. Successfully advancing through the course’s four modules provided you with knowledge (discussions) and skills (applications), creating a foundation upon which to build this process. While this assimilation of the progression and focus will help with your business career, only its continuous consideration and application will guarantee its success.
Your Task
Prepare an essay styled report on the above mentioned process. Include the following …
1. A brief yet complete definition (as defined in business communication context) of each of the three steps.
2. A discussion on the components considered in each of the steps. For each of the components, address the following (when appropriate) … Who, How, When, Where, and Why. Provide examples to support your statements.
3. A summarization that presents the necessity of the particular step in effective business communication.
Consideration of the courses four modules will help with the content of your essay. Submission
1. A detailed Graphic Organizer or Outline of the format and content of your written response.
2. An appropriately structured, logical progressed, concisely/mechanically written, and content accurate document.
?????????Corte BA 200 Spring 2014
3. Paper Mechanics …
? 1000 Words (Maximum)
? Single Spaced
? Times New Roman Font Face
? 12 Point Font Size
? 1” Top, Bottom, Left and Right Margins
? Your Name and Section Time … Top Right Corner within the Header Section

Module 1 – The Communication Process/Culture/Team Development (Weeks 1 – 2) Module 2 – Critical Thinking/Pre-writing (Weeks 3 – 4)
Module 3 – Basic Writing (Weeks 5 – 7)
Module 4 – Business Writing (Weeks 8 – 15)
? Formats – Email, Memorandum, Letter, Report
? Message – Routine, Negative, Persuasive, Analytical
Course Description and Objectives
This is a thinking … organizing … communicating course. Effectively combining all three leads to successful communication within a corporate environment AND a successful career. Individually and within teams, you will analyze business situations and communicate through appropriate types of documents such as e-mail, e-newsletters, memoranda, letters, and reports.




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