Business Law, Topsells overstating profits by £250 million pounds.

Business Law, Topsells overstating profits by £250 million pounds.

Project description
I expect a 2:1 marked piece of work, completed on a word document and sent to me via email, as well as referencing from: Business Law (2014), Ewan Macintyre book is key to the whole assignment to find cases that relate to the current situation,these cases must be used and only cases having been governed by UK!!!!!! law.
Added on 22.11.2014 12:09
These files will help you and show you how to complete the assignment as well as the grading cirtera
Grade Criteria marking Scheme.
A+: Exceptional standard
A :work based on extensive reading of distinguished quality. Would expect awareness of recent legal development in the field; ie case law or statute and the aims of such activity. Comments by decision makers on the state of art of the relevant legal position should be adduced.
Demonstrates and authoritative grasp of concepts, methodology and content appropriate to the subject and assessment task. Demonstrates ability to synthesise complex material think analytically and evaluate.
A-Most but not all of above.
Outstanding answer: Excellent knowledge and understanding of relevant legal material. Ability to apply legal rules with a sound analysis of issues.
Makes use of relevant authorities to support argument. Appropriate and concise written language produced coherent and convincing argument.
Excellent ability to critically evaluate material and resolve conflicting ideas. Awareness of practical /contextual implications demonstrated. Good range of referenced material: case law and statute.
B+ Work which clearly demonstrates all the qualities of a B grade but which reveals greater insight and originality. Sophisticated arguments demonstrating awareness of trends in the area.
B Work which demonstrates thorough understanding of concepts, methodology and legal content of the subject. Draws on a range of authorities and reflects ton recent developments and legal activity in the field.
Clear evidence of critical judgement and ability to apply the law to the facts picking up on complexities and differing viewpoints. Ability to synthesise material ; some originality.
B. As above but with minimum critical evaluation
Summary: shows very good knowledge and understanding of relevant legal material. Good attempt to analyses the material and arguments. Knowledge of completing viewpoints and weight to be attached to each.
Application of legal doctrine appropriate; factual and legal arguments well supported with reference to authorities. Appropriate legal writing style. Awareness of conflicting arguments; sound attempt to address them.
C. Work with the qualities of a C grade but containing a greater degree of critical analysis and original insight.
Work derived from a good basis of understanding of case law and statute. Good grasp of legal materials, concepts, methodology and ability to structure and organise arguments. Good application of the legal rules to produce coherent and convincing argument. Routine but generally correct No serious omissions of leading case law or statute. Clear and appropriate legal written argument with appropriate citation. No irrelevancies .
A-Work which demonstrates many of the qualities. Work which demonstrates many of qualities of C grade.
Demonstrates knowledge of legal material the majority of which is relevant. Uses authorities to support most arguments with relevant authorities. Routine answers. Written language mostly appropriate. No glaring omissions of case law. All sources referenced.
D+ work which is organised and demonstrates reasonable understanding. Lacks analysis and interpretation; very little application to the facts.
D work which covers the basic subject matter adequately and which is organised to a degree. Work lacks analysis and demonstrates limited understanding of legal authorities. Little attempt to apply the law. Work may be flawed by omissions , irrelevant material or misunderstanding.
D-As above; presentation limited.
Shows limited knowledge of legal material some is relevant. Makes limited use of authorities; no attempt to apply the law and absence of analysis of argument. Only limited awareness of competing arguments.
F Marginal fail weakness of organisation, lack of understanding of legal concepts authorities, omission of critical legal material, failure to engage with facts.
F- Clear fail lack of understanding of facts or legal principles. Inclusion of irrelevant material. Poor presentation
Summary: superficial understanding of legal material, minimal reference to legal material. Lacks structure and method. Disorganised with no attempt at analysis or application of legal doctrine.
Very Poor: no knowledge of legal material. Irrelevant content, failure to identify issues and conflicting arguments. Poor written style and general incoherence.
Added on 22.11.2014 12:21
Ohh and sorry about the special A at the top it shouldn”t be there sorry, should have Read Business Law, Topsells overstating profits by 250 million pounds, please also state the official laws clearly in text when citing, and footnotes are not needed.


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