business Digital Age – Brown v. Board of Education

business Digital Age – Brown v. Board of Education

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Here are the questions to answer, although this is also attached as a file.
Legal Heritage and the Digital Age – Brown v. Board of Education
1.     Because we want stability and predictability in the law, discuss what criteria the Supreme Court should look to when evaluating whether to overturn or reinterpret a prior decision.
2.  Review the different theories of jurisprudence discussed in the text and discuss what theories would support changes in interpretations, and which theories would argue against changing opinions.
3.  Review the United States Constitution.  What provisions of the Constitution are involved in this case?   Discuss whether this should be a federal or a state issue and why.

Read the Attrezzi  v. Maytag case.  Answer the following questions based on the case and the textbook.

1.    What were the facts of the case?
2.    Did Maytag know, before it started using the name Attrezzi, that a small kitchen store in Portsmouth was already using the name?
3.    What is reverse confusion?  What did the Court say were the two types of damage that reverse confusion can cause?
4.    Did Attrezzi produce actual evidence of confusion?  If so, what was the evidence?
5.    Who won the case?
6.    How do you register a trademark?  What are the processes and cost.


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