Bristol Palin Pregnancy

Bristol Palin Pregnancy



Paper instructions:
Essay: Everyone will write a 5-6 page essay, either by themselves or with a partner, to analyze an ethical or legal media issue. Each paper should accomplish the following:
1) summarize the basic details of 1 court case or specific ethical media situation
2) present the major legal and ethical principles that should be considered in the case
3) state your clear position about the case, as grounded in legal and/or ethical principles. Each paper must include research from 3 print sources (cited properly in-text and in a works cited page). Credible websites are allowed, but they must be in addition to the print sources. The textbook doesn’t count toward the source requirement, but it may be used as a supplement. If working in partners, each partner will receive the same grade out of 100 points. See Moodle for more assignment details

I am proposing to do an essay about the news media coverage during the pregnancy of Bristol Palin in 2008. In my opinion, the news media demonstrated a complete lack of civility because they did not ask for her consent to discuss the matter and constantly followed her daily activities and whereabouts. The ethical guideline that is most relevant to this case is Rawl’s Veil of Ignorance which states that justice emerges when negotiating without social differentiation. If the news media was put in Bristol Palin’s shoes, they would not want to be covered in the way that she was. Therefore the news media should refrain from the exploitation of “fame by proxy” for the purposes of public entertainment.



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