Book Case Study

Book Case Study

This is a book case study on the book Enrique’s Journey. This is the book’s ISBN #978-0-8129-7178-1

Students will be required to read Enrique?s Journey. (Nazario, 2006) and, utilizing a character or characters from the book, create a case study in poverty. The case study should describe how the individual is impacted by poverty and the environment that contributes to poverty and oppression. The Case Study should conclude with your recommendations for improvement or change.

Students are expected to write a 3 to 5 page paper exclusive of cover page and references. The paper should be double spaced, in time new roman 12 point font, and with 1 inch margins. The paper is expected to be referenced appropriately using APA style references. ALL sources are to be referenced. Failing to cite a source is considered academic dishonesty. The students name and the page number should be listed in the header on every page.

Students should consider the following questions in composing the Case Study:
1.Fully describe the characters experience with poverty and oppression.
2.Identify and discuss Micro, Mezzo, and Macro factors contributing to poverty and oppression.
3.What strengthens does the character possess that are enabling them to survive?
4.Are those strengths being maximized by the systems (community) impacting the character? How could those strengths be used to overcome poverty and oppression?

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