Authoring Of Interactive Media

1. What is Authoring?
2. What s the difference between an Authoring Tool and an Asset Editing Tool?
3. Name the Authoring Metaphors.
4. What role does scripting play in Adobe Flash?
5. Name the different types of interaction.
6. What is a button and how does it work?
7. What is the purpose of loader screens in websites?
8. How can you show a user that they are interacting with the content?
9. Name the different types of Prototypes you can create.
10. What do the terms Vertical and Horizontal have to do with Prototypes?
11. Name the different development processes that you can choose for developing Authored Interactive Media systems.
12. Name the stages of the Development Cycle used for Authored Interactive Media Systems.
13. What role do requirements play in developing Interactive Media projects?

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