Assignment Unit 1: Select a Project

It’s now time for you to select a project to plan over the duration of this course. Choose wisely! Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you discuss what project to work on:

• The project could be something you’re working on right now and could use some “experts” to help you plan for better control.

• It could be a project that’s in the pipeline—and the faucet will be turned on soon!

• It might be a project you’ve been championing but no one’s bitten. Maybe if you had a plan for your project, they’d see what a good idea it is!

It could also be a project completely unrelated to your work. Something you are working on in your personal life that you would like to apply formal Project Management to.

Above all—keep it simple!

A few words of advice:

Remember a project is a temporary endeavor with a unique product or service. It is very easy to start thinking about what comes next after a project or what the project will enable when completed. Make sure you are limiting your ideas to something that falls in line with this definition. For example I may want to plan a fund raising banquet but my project ends when the banquet ends. I would not include the subsequent tasks of distributing money and running the activities that the money will fund.

Remember you want to avoid scope creep. Make sure you define your project within manageable limits. You will find that many projects attempt to take on too much at once. Think about your ideas in their smallest manageable components that meet the definition of a project.

I highly recommend you look ahead at the other sections of the Project Management Plan template so that you understand the type of project planning you will be doing. Even at this stage in the class you should be able to understand where we are headed.

Assignment Unit 2: Justify a Project

Justify a Project

It’s time to think about why your project should be undertaken. Using the course material from this unit as your guide, including the additional reading, you will continue to add to the Project Management Plan template document found toward the top of the course home page.

Complete Section 2.2 – 2.5 of the Project Management Plan Template


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