Assignment 2: Dance Education

You are required to submit five video recordings.

1. A recording of you singing a song (this can have a recorded accompaniment or you can sing alone or accompany yourself on an


2. A recording of you singing a song and moving or dancing to it (recorded accompaniment or solo singing).


3. Three dances that you have choreographed.
• One to a piece of classical music
• one to a piece of popular music,
• one free choice.
One of these should be a solo dance and at least one should involve several dancers (on your video you can just include yourself but it

should be clear how you interact with other dancers).
Option: You can substitute one of the dances with a short soundscape based on a picture. This can be done as a solo performance or with

a group (which is often easier). Include the picture. The soundscape should have at least 3 sections and vary dynamics, tone colour

and texture.

The dances need be no longer than 2 minutes each. You can use excerpts of music.

1. Brief written descriptions of your three choreographed dances. Include details of particular points or elements that you think

will need attention. Specify age group.
2. Two lesson plans. One for your song and dance and one for one of your choreographed dances. Note that since learning a dance

may take several lessons you need include only one lesson, but if you do you will need to include a brief outline (which need only be a

sentence or two) of what will happen in subsequent lessons.

This assignment is marked on the content of the video not the quality of the video as such. (On the other hand doing a nice recording

does keep everyone happy!) Please save video recordings in mp4 format. They may be submitted on-line , or post them on YouTube as an

unlisted (NOT private) video, or if all else fails send a DVD or a flash drive in the post. Please, if possible, check that your

recording works on a second computer (not the one it was created on) before submitting.
Assessment criteria:
Singing in tune and rhythmically
HD: perfectly in tune and time

Choice of music
HD: Age appropriate and interesting

HD: Coherent and interesting

HD: Includes variety in: levels and balance points, size of gesture; use of space; interactions between dancers
Written descriptions:
HD: Clear descriptions (sufficient but not excessive detail)

Elements for attention:
HD: clear identification with reasons

Lesson Plans:
HD: Clear and logical with sufficient (but not excessive) detail, and including contingencies and strategies.

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